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The year is divided in two seasons in Visatupa: green summer and white winter. Green season lasts from June till the end of colourful September. The white season begins in November and continues to the end of April.

Green season (summer, autumn):
* swimming and fishing in the lake or in nearby rivers
* participating in farm chores
* cycling
* rowing a boat
* berry picking during August and September (cloudberry, blueberry, lingonberry)
* beautiful autumn colors in 2nd and 3rd of September

White season (winter, spring):
* cross-country skiing (3-7 km tracks)
* ice-fishing
* ride in reindeer's or snowmobile's sled
* kick sled
* swimming in a hole through the ice when having a sauna by the lake
* nearest winter sports center Luosto 44 km
(downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, spa)
Summer day examples Winter day examples

Click the pictures to see details of summer and winter day programs


* possibility to participate in daily farm work and gettin to know about milk production in the arctic climate
* heating up the sauna by the lake with firewood
* having a moment in a log shelter and frying a sausage or making original Finnish style crepes on the camp fire
* sight-seeing trips on request to the surrounding destinations: Sodankylä (center of municipality, 300 years old wooden church and an art gallery introducing life of Same-people), to Luosto-center (amethyst mine, spa, ski center) or a day in Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle (the city with many shops, Arktikum research center and museum of Lapland, Santa Claus Village and Santa Park )

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