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Seipäjärventie 409, 99510 Raudanjoki, Finland
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Erkki and Ida Sammalkangas came to the middle of a gloomy forest along the road to Seipäjärvi and built the house in the year 1938. They decided to give the name Erkkilä for the farm. They rented two hectares of land from the government by the lake Saarijärvi. The place was suitable to build a house, because there was also a small stream which was open most of the winter.

The first change of generations was in 1973, when Vilho Sammalkangas bought the farm from his parents. Next year he married Milka and a year later from that Janne born. The second (and last) child Aino was born in spring 1977. The second change between generations was during the spring 1998 when Janne became a member of the manor of Erkkilä after Milka decided to retire.

Tourism began in 1980. After two heavy storms, which caused great damage to the forest, the host family decided to invest seriously in tourism. The first new house for tourism was built during 1984-85. Now Visatupa had beds for a bus group of guests. The second construction investment was during the years 1989-90. The two houses containing four apartments were built and the old main building got a water supply with toilet and showers indoors. Today Visatupa can accomodate 55 persons and with extra beds for up to 70 persons.

The dairy cattle has been under the protection of the house during all these years, but without tourists around the world the manor of Erkkilä would be a very quiet and lonely farm.

You are welcome to spend a night in Visatupa and experience the country holiday by yourself.

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