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Seipäjärventie 409, 99510 Raudanjoki, Finland
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Summer in middle Lapland begins almost in the end of May - sun shines 24 hours a day already in the first day of June. The begin of June is interesting time to follow the complete change of the nature and it's amazing run to green verdancy after the white winter. Darkness gives way to the light, which captivates the nature and people. The short but bright green summer has arrived...
May Latest in May nature gives up the white cover and ice leaves from lakes and rivers. Birds are moving from the warmth of the south to nest in the north and in a couple of days time you can meet many local and passing species. In one month you can experience how short Lapland's spring really is - it is actually couple of weeks transitional stage between winter and summer... It is our time to prepare for a new busy and beautiful season.
Junethumbkesakroketti.jpg (10125 bytes) Begin of June is busy time with farm work in fields. Travellers can follow and participate in the work on the fiels or restoring the courtyard - among other things planting the potatoes is current during the second week of June. The first half of June is a pleasent time to wander in the nature and do fishing, because mosquitos arrive (if they arrive at all, like in the summers 1999, 2001 and 2002) earliest in the third week. Cows get free to the fields traditionally before the Midsummer (around June 24th). In Visatupa you can find the real spirit for Midsummer holiday: going to sauna, swimming in lake Saarijärvi even in the middle of the night, 24 hours of sunshine... Right after midsummer the silage making begins and it continues for a couple of weeks to the beginning of July.
Julythumbkesajarvi.jpg (4132 bytes) July is the warmest time in Lapland. Mosquitos are hiding during the sunshine, because they cannot fly in hot weather. Blueberries and cloudberries are ready to pick in the end of July. Visatupa is surrounded by swamps and we can guide our customers to suitable places to pick cloudberries. July is the most famous holiday month in Finland, so we recommend that you make a reservation in advance. Nights start to get shorter in July.
Augustthumbelokalastus.jpg (8323 bytes) In August the air gets cooler and the evenings darker, but Lapland's summer continues pretty often almost as warm as July. Now summer is coming to it's end. Nature gives the rest of colourful and sweet berries. Many kinds of mushrooms (boleti, russulas, milk caps...) are waiting for pickers and also lingonberries are ready in the end of August. Now is also the second time to make a smaller bit of silage in farm. The leaves of trees begin slowly changing their colours. Nature starts preparing for approaching winter, but before that the nature is very colourful - like dressed for a ball...
Septemberthumbruska.jpg (10672 bytes) September is a month of autumn colours. The best time to travel is around September 10th, so the first two weeks are the best time to find beautiful colours of Lapland's nature. Visatupa is located in the middle of Lapland. This enables day trips to Lapland's mountain areas, if you travel with personal car. The colourful leaves fall down from the trees in a couple of days - as a consequence of hard wind, which comes usually in the second half of the month. Now nature is ready for the winter, but it has to wait "naked" at least until the end of October before the snow fall down to earth.
Visatupa has various equipment for clients recreation: sets of badminton racquets, frisbee, darts, cricket, croquet, petanque and football. You can also borrow bicycles and make a trip for example to a nearby village. A rowing-boat equipped with life jacket is waiting by the lake for rowers and fishermen. Visatupa is just by the lake Saarijärvi and you can most likely catch perch, but also lavaret (white fish) and small pikes are possible to catch too. Two rivers, Raudanjoki and Seipäjoki, are also suitable for fishing. They are both easy to reach and are located only a couple of kilometres from Visatupa. Raudanjoki is bigger and is suitable for canoeing - more you can find here.

Visatupa is located 4 kilometers from the road E75 and this enables good connections to north and south with public transportation. This way, day trips to Sodankylä and Rovaniemi are possible to do on your own. Sodankylä is the nearest town with various services and also many opportunities for sight seeings: A church over 300 years made to convert the sami people, an art gallery with paintings of old time life in sami village made by Andreas Alariesto, nature path with art "Pappilanniemen luontopolku" ja home district museum. Nature parks in Luosto and Pyhätunturi attract travellers with beautiful mountain nature and well marked trails.  The Arctic Circle and the city of Rovaniemi are worth a visit in summertime also. Arktikum, art museum ja Ounasvaara with summertime toboggan track and golf park are interesting places to see and experience. Rovaniemi is also known for its active summer program with various festivals.

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